2021-2030 Distribution Development Plan

Published on: 26 January 2023

Executive Summary

The DDP is the annual program of DUs for managing the distribution system through timely identification of infrastructure requirements and procurement of power supply to ensure the continuity, reliability and affordability of electricity service to the consumers. Such plan shall be submitted to the DOE for integration with the Power Development Plan and Philippine Energy Plan. In the case of ECs, such plans shall be submitted through the NEA for review and consolidation.

Integrated in the DDP is the DU’s PSPP which refers to their plan for the acquisition of a variety of demand-side and supply-side resources to cost-effectively meet the electricity needs of its customers that are not covered by a PSA procured through CSP.

This 2021-2030 DDP features the individual and regional supply-demand profiles of the DUs for the ten-year planning period. The individual profile shows the uncontracted requirements of the DUs based on its projected demand vis-à-vis the existing PSA and PSA for approval before the ERC. The yearly incremental requirements of the DUs were also presented in the profile.

The DDP also highlighted the CSP schedule of each DU per type of requirements, which will cover the uncontracted requirements to ensure the continuous provision of electricity supply to the consumers in the least-cost manner.

In 2020, the grid DUs recorded a non-coincident peak demand of 11,706.94 MW for its captive customers. This was forecasted to increase from 12,087.72 MW in 2021 to 17,882.77 MW in 2030 with an AAGR of 4.33% for the ten-year planning horizon. Luzon registered the highest demand at 8,043.88 MW while Mindanao and Visayas recorded a peak demand of 1,913.64 MW and 1,749.42 MW, respectively.

The total contracted supply, including the supply for approval of the ERC, of all the Philippine DUs in the grid registered at 11,260.93 MW in 2020. Luzon has a contracted supply of 7,505.77 MW, followed by Mindanao with 2,490.43 MW and Visayas with 1,264.73 MW. The remaining requirements in Luzon and Visayas were sourced by the DU through the WESM.

With regard to the supply for CSP, Luzon scheduled a total of 161.69 MW in 2021 up to 5,727.08 MW in 2030. This is followed by Mindanao with a total of 339.35 MW in 2022 up to 1,263.09 MW in 2030, and Visayas with 75.36 MW up to 668.86 MW in 2030. In total, the DUs has schedule for CSP ranging from 237.05 MW up to 7,659.03 MW for the entire planning period.

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