2023-2032 Distribution Development Plan

Executive Summary

Pursuant to Section 23 of the EPIRA, the DUs are mandated to submit their annual DDP to the DOE and in the case of ECs, through the NEA. The DUs shall prepare and submit their DDP in accordance with DOE Department Circular No. DC2021-03-0003.

In 2023, 145 out of 147 DUs have submitted their DDP to the DOE. From June to October 2023, the DOE, in collaboration with the NEA, conducted a series of DDP deliberations to assist the DUs in the preparation and finalization of a comprehensive DDP.

The 2023-2032 DDP contains the regional and individual DUs one-page infographic profile showing the 10-year outlook of the demand and supply incorporating the requirements scheduled for CSP. It also includes the general information, actual number of customers and energy sales per sector, and capital expenditures projects for sub transmission, distribution and substation facilities.

This edition also provides the ten-year forecast on the supply and demand outlook, energy sales and number of customers per Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The general summary of the DUs’ supply and demand requirements, energy sales, customers, capital expenditures projects and CSP are also highlighted in this 2023 DDP.

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