2021-2025 Missionary Electrification Development Plan

Executive Summary

As the rapid pace of urbanization in the country progresses, electricity remains the most common integral tool to provide daily necessities for industrial, commercial, and residential customers. However, access to electricity remains a challenge especially in the peripheries of the archipelago, thus hampering the socio-economic development in these communities. If not too expensive, applying for equitable access to electricity in these areas is a tedious process and heavily regulated. To achieve economic recovery and spur growth, reliable and affordable electricity must be attained. This may be done through the streamlining of regulatory procedures for energy projects, formulating a framework for the use of energy-efficient technologies, and enacting directives to lower electricity costs, to name a few.

Accordingly, the 2021-2025 Missionary Electrification Development Plan, or the 2021 MEDP is developed in support of the purposeful, determined and unwavering dedication of the Government, through the DOE, to ensure quality, reliable, secure, and affordable electricity services, especially in the far-flung areas in the Philippines. It emphasizes the DOE’s significant role in supervising the restructuring of off-grid power development and missionary electrification as specified in the Republic Act No. 9136 or the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 (EPIRA). In the same way, this publication underscores the importance of an aligned and synchronous establishment, coordination, and implementation of the activities, plans and programs of concerned stakeholders to holistically approach and achieve the policy objectives for missionary and off-grid electrification.

The 2021 MEDP forms part of the DOE Power Development Plan (PDP) and Philippine Energy Plan (PEP), which concertedly serve as a blueprint for attaining the Government’s long-term vision for electricity access for all, as outlined in the National Economic and Development Authority’s “Ambisyon Natin 2040”. The plan targets for FY 2020-2022, include electricity access as one of the success indicators for infrastructure development.

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