Bid Submission Procedure

  • ONLY PHYSICAL SUBMISSIONSfor the bid docs are allowed.
  • RMDwill only receive bid docs during office hours. (0800H-1700H, Philippine Time)
  • Deadline for submission of bids/application is on or before 1200H of 15 February 2021, late submissions will not be considered.
  • RMD and REMB will affix signature on sealed envelope.
  • Access to storage areais limited to authorize personnel. All access is recorded in a logbook.
  • If the envelopes are not sealed and properly marked, the Department will not be liablefor themisplacement of pre-mature opening ofthe Proposal.
  • The applicantmay opt to accompanyREMB and RMD Personneluntilthe bid documents are placedin the designated area. The Applicant will be subjected to theDepartment's COVID-19 Protocols.

*based on DOE DC No. 2020-11-0024 and its annexes