Modification and Withdrawal of Applications

The RE Applicant may modify its Application after it has been submitted: Provided,that the modification is made only once and received by the REMB on or before the deadline prescribed for the submission of Applications. The RE Applicant shall not be allowed to retrieve its original Application, but shall be required to submit a modified Application with complete documentary requirements in accordance with the filing procedure prescribed in Item 4 above. The REMB shall automatically disregard the original Application upon its timely receipt of the modified Application. Modified Applications received after the deadline shall not be considered and shall be returned to the RE Applicant unopened.

The RE Applicant may, in writing, withdraw its Application for any reason, provided that the withdrawal is received by the REMB prior to the deadline prescribed for submission of Applications.

Applications requested to be withdrawn shall be returned unopened to the RE Applicant. The RE Applicant that has withdrawn its Application shall not be permitted to submit another Application, directly or indirectly, for the same project

The RE Applicant which withdrew its Application, as provided in items 5.2 and 5.3 herein, shall have no right to raise questions on matters relating to the conduct of the OCSP.