Supplemental OCSP Bulletin

Energy Center, Rizal Drive, cor. 34th Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City


The provisions of Department Circular No. DC2020-11-024 or the OCSP3 Guidelines are hereby amended as follows:

3. RE Contract Application -

3.1.3. The RE Application must be in both paper and electronic (flash drive in Portable Data Format) copies, which shall use the Times New Roman font, 12-point size, and employ single line spacing. Paper size is A4. Figures and maps shall be printed and submitted in a document that is formatted to a paper size not smaller than A3 size. For legibility, figures and maps shall be submitted at a larger scale (1:10,000) as appendices;

3.1.5. Only those Applicants who have duly complied with the following requirements and paid the application fee shall be given access to the available data of the project being applied for:

a) Applicant shall send the Letter of Intent (LOI) via email to the following e-mail address:

b) After submission of the LOI, the Applicant shall receive the following documents:

  • Order of payment for application fee;
  • Pre-approved data request form; and
  • Transmittal/Data Use Agreement

Note: The processing of data request for the Applicant’s chosen PDA shall only commence upon receipt of proof of payment and properly filled-up and signed documents.

c) Applicant shall send the duly signed and filled-up documents, along with the proof of payment*, to the Energy Data Center of the Philippines (EDCP) via email to The following
documents are required by EDCP:

  • Validated payment transaction
  • Signed data request form; and
  • Signed transmittal/Data Use Agreement.

*send a copy to

d) EDCP shall send a download link to the Applicant with the following contents:

  • Technical data;
  • Technical description of PDAs; and
  • Copy of OCSP3 Guidelines.

4. Filing Process.

4.8. Records Management Division (RMD) will receive Applications during office hours (0800 – 1700H).

4.9. Representatives of RMD and REMB will affix their signatures on the envelope/container holding the Application upon receipt of the same.

4.10. If the Application is filed personally by an Applicant, they may opt to physically accompany the RMD and REMB personnel until their Application is placed in the area designated as storage for OCSP3 applications. By choosing this manner of filing their Application, the Applicant agrees to be subjected to the Department’s COVID-19 health protocols.

6. Opening, Evaluation, Selection, and Award of RE Applications.

6.1. The Department shall stop receiving Applications at exactly 1200H on the last day of the submission of RE Applications. At exactly 1300H, the Department shall start the opening of Applications. The RE Applicants or their duly authorized representatives are encouraged to attend the opening of Applications.

The REMB shall open the Applications in public to determine each Applicant’s compliance with the documentary requirements. For this purpose, RE Applications containing Envelopes A, B, and C shall be opened simultaneously and the REMB shall only determine the completeness of the documents submitted by each Applicant against the checklist of required documents (Annex “B”). Only complete Applications shall be allowed to undergo legal, technical and financial evaluation.

Annex B. Checklist of Requirements.

  • Applicants should submit the most recent/latest SEC documents with Certified True Copy (CTC) stamp. To illustrate, if the applicant already has a 2021 GIS, the CTC submitted should be dated in the year 2021 already.
  • Financial Statements submitted within the six (6) months period at the time of filing will be considered as the latest.
  • An applicant that is a domestic Filipino corporation with allegedly Filipino corporate shareholders must submit the legal documents of such corporate shareholders;
  • An applicant that is a domestic Filipino corporation with foreign corporate shareholders need not submit the legal documents of such foreign corporate shareholders;
  • An applicant that is a foreign corporation incorporated abroad, the applicant must submit its legal documents which must be consularized/apostilled.
  • Curriculum Vitae and contracts of foreign contracts signed outside the Philippines must be consularized/apostilled.

Annex H. Timeline.

Activity Timeline Date
1. Publication of OCSP3 Day 1 14 Dec. 2020
2. Launching and Presubmission
Day 1 + 20 Calendar days 05 Jan. 2021
3. Last day of submission of
bid documents
Day 1 + 60 calendar days, on or before
1200H to be submitted at the DOE
Records Section
15 Feb. 2021
4. Opening of bid documents Day 1 + 60 calendar days, at exactly
15 Feb. 2021
5. Complete legal, technical
and financial evaluation
Day 61 + 10 working days 02 Mar. 2021
6. Endorsement of results for
Concurrence of ASec and
Day 71 + 5 working days 09 Mar. 2021
7. Approval by the Secretary
of the results of OCSP3
Day 76 + 5 working days 16 Mar. 2021
8. Pre-signing of RE Contract
and endorsement to the
Day 81 + 18 working days 14 Apr. 2021
9. Signature of the Secretary
/ Awarding of RE Contract
Day 99 14 Apr. 2021

For FTAA Applications, activities 1 – 8 are the same.

Activity Timeline Date
10. Endorsement of the
Secretary to the Office of
the President
Day 99 + 3 working days 19 Apr. 2021

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