Department Order

Department Order Description
Department Order No. DO2018-12-0022 Merit Selection Plan
Department Order No. DO2018-11-0021 Creating the Project Repeal Committee for the Review of the Irrelevant, Burdensome and Unnecessary Laws/Issuances of the Department of Energy
Department Order No. DO2018-11-0020 Creating the Department of Energy Revision of Fees Committee (DOE-RFC)
Department Order No. DO2018-10-0019 Policies and Evaluation Criteria for the Selection of Candidates for Hiring and Promotion for the 1st and 2nd Level Positions
Department Order No. DO2018-10-0018 Adopting the Guidelines for the Operationalization of the Renewable Energy Trust Fund, and for Other Purposes
Department Order No. DO2018-10-0017 Management Responses During Emergencies and Disasters
Department Order No. DO2018-08-0016 Reconstituting the Department of Energy Projects Review Committee (PRC)
Department Order No. DO2018-08-0015 Composition of Direct Connection Review and Evaluation Committee (D-REC), Amending for the Purpose Department Order No. DO2014-11-0019
Department Order No. DO2018-08-0014 Mandating the Centralized Review and Evaluation Committee ("C-REC") to Adopt a Transparent and Competitive System of Awarding the Data Package Service Agreement for the Philippine Conventional Energy Contracting Program ("PCECP")
Department Order No. DO2018-08-0013 Creation of an Ad-Hoc Technical Working Group and Designation of Focal Persons for Each Bureau and Service to Assist in the Implementation of Department Order No. 2018-0004 Specifically on the Capacity Building of the Field Offices