Department Order

Department Order Description
Department Order No. DO2018-08-0012 Directing the Philippine Downstream Oil Industry to Offer Euro-II Compliant Diesel as a Fuel Option for the Transport and Industry Sector
Department Order No. DO2018-05-0011 Creating a Task Force to Implement the Development of a Quality Management System Certifiable to ISO 9001:2015 Standard for the Department of Energy
Department Order No. DO2018-05-0010 Creation of a Task Force to Ensure Access to Electricity for the Communities that Remain Unserved and Underserved by Distribution Utilities
Department Order No. DO2018-04-0009 Institutionalizing Submission of Energy Information, Sectoral Developments and Statistics / Data to the Energy Policy and Planning Bureau (EPPB)
Department Order No. DO2018-04-0008 Operationalizing the Procedures for the Effective and Efficient Implementation of Executive Order No. 30, Series of 2017, Creating the Energy Investment Coordinating Council in Order to Streamline the Regulatory Procedures Affecting Energy Projects04/27/2018
Department Order No. DO2018-04-0007 Wearing of Office Uniforms and DOE Identification Cards (ID)
Department Order No. DO2018-04-0006 Reconstituting the Department of Energy Uniform Committee
Department Order No. DO2018-03-0005 Institutionalization of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory Team of the Energy Sector
Department Order No. DO2018-03-0004 Decentralization of the Department of Energy by Implementing Institutional Strengthening and Allowing Full Devolution of General and Specific Functions to its Field Offices
Department Order No. DO2018-03-0003 Creation of a Centralized Review and Evaluation Committee for the Purpose of Integrating the Current Committees Administering the Review and Evaluation of Renewable Energy, Petroleum, Downstream Natural Gas, and Coal Service Contract Applications, the Award, Amendment and Termination of Contracts