Venue for the ISO 9001:2015 Activities

( Note: still subject to change ) Revised as of June 8, 2018
TIME: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Training Course on ISO 9001:2015 QMS Requirements 7 PNOC-EC Pag-asa Hall
  8 PNOC-EC Pag-asa Hall
  10 DOE-Gym Multi-purpose Training Room
Workshop on Process Mapping and Risk-Based Quality Planning 11 DOE-Gym Multi-purpose Training Room
  15 PNOC-EC Pag-asa Hall
Workshop on QMS Documentation 28 DOE-Audio Visual Room
  29 DOE-Audio Visual Room
  30 ASEP/EPIMB Conference Room
  31 PNOC-EC Pag-asa Hall
Seminar-Workshop on Streamlining Frontline Services 6 DOE-Audio Visual Room
  7 PNOC-EC Pag-asa Hall
  8 DOE-Audio Visual Room
Technical Guidance on Enhancement of Operational Control and Procedures 19 DOE-Gym Multi-purpose Training Room
  20 DOE-Audio Visual Room
  21 PNOC-EC Pag-asa Hall
Seminar-Workshop on 5S Good Housekeeping 6 DOE-Audio Visual Room
Technical Guidance on QMS Implementation 9-13 Visayas and Mindanao Field Office
  16-17 Luzon Field Office
  19 For DOE Main Office / Gym Training Room
  20 For DOE Main Office / DOE - AVR
Training Course on Auditing QMS 24 DOE-Gym Multi-purpose Training Room
  25 DOE-Gym Multi-purpose Training Room
  26 DOE-Gym Multi-purpose Training Room
  27 DOE-Audio Visual Room
Workshop on Auditing QMS 7 PNOC-EC Pag-asa Hall
         Note: Audit Planning and Report Writing 8 PNOC-EC Pag-asa Hall
  9 DOE-Audio Visual Room
  10 DOE-Audio Visual Room
Training Course on Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions Formulation 16 DOE-Audio Visual Room
  17 DOE-Audio Visual Room
Technical Guidance on Management Review 23 (How to...) DOE-Audio Visual Room
  24 (Actual) DOE-Audio Visual Room
Readiness Assessment OCTOBER  
  3 Days