Timeline of ISO Initiatives

ISO Initiatives of the Department of Energy


  • For the DOE, the journey towards the implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS)-ISO 9001:2015 Standards started on 08 July 2016 during the Management Committee Meeting whereby Secretary A. G. Cusi instructed all DOE Bureaus/Services to facilitate preparations for the QMS-ISO certification of the Agency.  This is in line with President R. Duterte’s call for more transparency and expediency in public transactions. Likewise, the nine-point Energy Agenda of Secretary Cusi also highlighted the streamlining of domestic policy to cut red tape in the DOE (Agenda no. 7).
  • An orientation on the ISO 9001:2015 Standard was conducted on 28 July 2016 to guide all DOE officials and staff on the specific requirements for ISO Certification.
  • Prepared a letter dated 22 August 2016 addressed to Acting Director of DBM Systems and Productivity Improvement Bureau, Ms. Cleotilde S. Lacsamana-Drapete, in response to her letter dated 03 August 2016 requesting details of ISO 9001 QMS Certification efforts of DOE. 
  • Two (2) ISO consulting firms conducted ISO 9001:2015 orientation activities and submitted their proposals to the DOE  for review: Synergized Macro Solutions Inc. (SMS) (18 August 2016) and AGF Consulting Firm (08 September 2016).  The DOE- Energy Policy and Planning Bureau reviewed said ISO proposals and prepared the ISO documentary requirements (i.e. Terms of Reference, budgetary requirements, timelines).  
  • Activities on the ISO Certification were included in the DOE-Annual Procurement Program for 2017.


  • The ISO activities and budgetary requirements were approved and signed by Secretary Cusi on 17 February 2017 for Bureaus (ISO 2017) and on 01 March 2017 for Services (ISO 2018).
  • The Terms of Reference (TOR) for the hiring of the ISO Consultant was revised and finalized for bidding subject to BAC requirements.
  • As of 24 March 2017, the DOE has accomplished the following:
  • Inclusion of ISO activities in the Supplemental Annual Procurement Plan;
  • Revised the Terms of Reference (under Eligibility and Selection Criteria);
  • Prepared Expression of Interest for possible bidders;
  • Discussed Criteria with the TWG for shortlisting of submissions of Expression of Interest;
  • Prepared Bid Documents;
  • Discussed with the TWG the Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal Bid Forms;
  • Prepared evaluation criteria for shortlisting;
  • Prepared matrix of recommended earliest possible time and recommendation period allowed for the procurement of consulting services (see attached); and
  • Received the Notice of Opening of Bids (technical and financial) and awarding of consultancy service to the highest rated bidder (SMS Consulting Firm).
  • For the year, two (2) ISO Consulting firms, Neville Clark and Synergized Macro Solutions (SMS), submitted their respective ISO proposals to the DOE.
  • The technical and administrative requirements for the hiring of the ISO consultant were already complied with, but the ISO Resolution and Notice of Award for the winning consultant was put on hold due to issues raised by top management on the documents presented (approval to award the contract took place during the last week of December 2017, while the preparation/approval of ISO Resolution was completed in January 2018; ISO budget for 2017 was not obligated)
  • In line with the streamlining efforts of DOE of its critical processes, Secretary Cusi signed Department Order 2017-04-0005 on 07 April 2017 prescribing new guidelines in the processing of applications for Renewable Energy (RE) Service/Operating Contracts.  In view of this DO, the review of RE contracts has been reduced from 15 days to only five (5) days.  
  • Likewise, Executive Order 30 was signed by President R. Duterte on 28 June 2017 creating the Energy Investment Coordinating Council (EICC) to streamline the regulatory procedures affecting energy projects.  With the enforcement of the EO, government agencies are required to act upon major energy project applications within a 30-day period.


  • The DOE was one of the ten beneficiaries to avail of the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) technical assistance under the Government Quality Management Program (GQMP) for FY 2018.  This was implemented under a Memorandum of Agreement entitled “Development of a Quality Management System Certifiable to ISO 9001:2015 Standard for the Department of Energy” (dated 08 March 2018).This would cover the core processes of all DOE Bureaus and Services.  
  • DOE Department Order 2018-05-0011 was issued on 31 May 2018 creating the ISO Task Force that would lead the establishment and implementation of said QMS in the Department.  Likewise, the attainment of an ISO 9001 certification is targeted to be completed in 2018 upon DAP’s determination and assessment of the DOE QMS’ readiness  to undergo the third party audit.
  • Training / workshop as indicated in the DAP MOA activity roadmap for the development, implementation and evaluation of Quality Management System for the DOE were accomplished in August 2018.
  • The Technical Guidance for the drafting of  the QMS Manual of the DOE (volumes 1 and 2) is ongoing with the DAP prior to the conduct of the readiness assessment for 3rd Party Certification Audit.
  • The Energy Policy and Planning Bureau, being the lead QMS unit, is in-charge of consolidating all Quality Manuals for submission and presentation to DOE Management for their review, comments, and recommendations.  On the other hand, all DOE Bureaus, Services and Field Offices are drafting/improving their respective QMS Manual.  The Management Review of all these documents is scheduled in October 2018.
  • The development of Quality Management System Certifiable to ISO 9001:2015 for the DOE is targeted by December 2018.