Progress Report No. 10

Development of a Quality Management System (QMS)
Certifiable to ISO 9001:2015 Standard for the Department of Energy (DOE)
As of 20 July 2018

Lead: Energy Policy and Planning Bureau

Date / Particulars Activity / ies Remarks
19 July 2018

ISO QMS Orientation and Process Walkthrough conducted and participated by the officials and employees of the DOE Central Office in support to the Development of Quality Management System Certifiable to ISO 9001:2015 for the Department of Energy.   


The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Ryan Vincent Lim, Technical Assistant for the Project. He presented the workshop objectives, agenda and house rules.  He also explained the mechanics for the schedule of technical guidance for each bureau / services.

OIMB representative noted that they already prepared and had pilot their 5S standards.


Mr. Ryan Vincent Lim presented the Introduction to Productivity and Quality with the following objectives:

  1. Develop a common understanding of the basic concepts and principles of Productivity and Quality (P&Q); and,
  2. Recognize the linkage of P & Q with ISO-QMS concepts and principles.

Some clarifications raised during the presentation:

  1.  Who will decide on the 5S standards to be set?
    • The QMS Core Team and the Bureau 5S representatives need to come up and agree on the Standards for implementation and compliance of all employees.
  2. Records Management Improvement – Limit Duplication, Proper Inventory, and Correct Disposal of files / records (Prevent illegal disposal i.e selling of documents);
  3. Lack of Storage Spaces/ Areas; and,
  4. Set DOE-wide 5S standards;


Mr. Ryan Vincent Lim presented the ‘Orientation on ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System’ and discussed the following:

  1. Why we need for a Quality Management System in the Government;
  2. What and Why ISO 9001:2015 QMS;
  3. Legal Basis of the Quality Management System in the Government;
  4. Goal of Government Quality Management  Program;
  5. Composition of the Government Quality Management Committee Chaired by Department of Budget and Management, Co-Chaired by DTI and GQMP structure from the Office of the President (OP), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP);
  6. Quality Management Principles / Benefits / Requirements;
  7. The 2018 DAP ISO 9001:2015 QMS Beneficiaries from the Academe, such as Palawan State University, Central Philippine State University, Camiguin State University, Kalinga State University, and Northwest Samar State University.  National government agencies includes DOE, DOH and DILG; other offices not yet covered by ISO 9001, LTFRB, National Museum, Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino, Kagawaran ng Edukasyon, Optical Media Board and Public Attorney’s Office;
  8. Benefits of ISO 9001 QMS  in the Public Sector;
  9. Structure of ISO 9001:2015 QMS particularly on Clause 5 –Leadership and Top Management Commitment;
19-20 July 2018

Technical Guidance on QMS Implementation for DOE-Main Office.  This is part of the process done during the visit conducted in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao Field Offices.  Core Team visited the different DOE Bureaus and Services (Central Office) for the conduct of Process Walkthrough.

Attachment 1
20 July 2018 OBSERVATIONS  

Observations of DAP by Mr. Ryan Vincent Lim on the Process Walkthrough:


  1. There is an Officer of the day
  2. Implemented a bureau-wide 5S Standard
  3. The team is properly guided by OIMB member of the Core team
  4. There are no records on rejected documents from the applicant
  5. Cashier is located in another building
  6. There is no posting  of Citizens’ Charter in the immediate vicinity
  7. No feedback form for clients


  1. There is an electronic tracking system for the processed documents
  2. Source and receiver of the process is the CREC
  3. Citizens’ Charter is not posted
  4. The use of template MOAs facilitate faster MOA preparation. The templates must be regularly reviewed by Legal.


  1. Reference documents are easily accessible
  2. Forms are readily available for the client
  3. Feedback form for clients is present
  4. Observance of 5S in the workplace
  5. Nonconformance to the 15 days of recommendation from the PSC
  6. Stacking of papers
  7. Inappropriate items are in the records area


  1. Complete input forms for the process (checklist, survey form for the audit)
  2. Lack of calibration of equipment
  3. Operation manual is for revision
  4. Competency of personnel is present (certificates, personnel files), however, organizations, knowledge must be retained
  5. Two types of customers in one process; create specific process flow for each type
  6. No feedback form
  7. Observance of 5S in the workplace
  8. Further cascading regarding ISO 901:2015 is needed


  1. Citizens’ Charter for approval
  2. Flowchart indicated 1 block for REMB and Legal for MOA preparation activities
  3. The process flow starts with records receiving, but is not reflected in the flowchart

Additional Observations from DOE ISO Secretariat on Good Housekeeping conveyed by Ms. Ma. Victoria Capito:

  1. A Stakeholder has been seen searching/looking for documents/files in the storage box of ERDB without the presence of its employees.

Mr. Alcon reviewed the Checklist on the submissions of the requirements (process matrices) relative to the preparation of the Quality Manual by the different bureaus.  Reminded all participants.



  1.  Is there a need for revision of the Citizens’ Charter of OIMB posted in the website?
  • Mr. Alcon mentioned that OIMB may initiate the changes in the Citizens’ Charter.

Announcement by QMS Secretariat:

  • Reminder to attend the Audit Workshop which will be the next scheduled ISO activity.
  • Continue drafting the Quality Manual and fill up the process matrices and continue coordination with QMS Secretariat and Project Team.