Call for Entries for the 2024 Energy Efficiency Excellence (EEE) Awards
Post date: Friday, 17 May 2024 12:07PM


EEE Awards 2024 Pre-Qualification Assessment Form:

EEE Awards Related Documents:


  1. DC2023-10-0030 Guidelines for Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards
  2. Implementing Guidelines on EEE Awards (with Annexes)
  3. Expression of Interest Form

** Only submissions made through the official online platform will be considered valid entries for the EEE Awards. E-mails and hard copies sent to the DOE will not be accepted or considered.

For additional information, interested participants may contact the EEE Awards Secretariat at

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Advisory Regarding the Accredited Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) Providers - Issue No. 12
Post date: Friday, 10 May 2024 05:42PM


EV Advisory:

"Looking for SAFE AND RELIABLE charging solutions for your electric vehicle in the Philippines? 

DOE Accredited EVCS Providers offers the best electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) solutions in the Philippines. These EVCS Providers are classified according on its scope of operation namely: EVCS Provider – Operator – collects fees from EV users in exchange for the use of facilities of EVCS to charge EVs, EVCS – Service – collects fees on the construction, installation, data and payment management, and maintenance of EVCS – Supplier –  sells EVCS, or any of its parts/components for a fee. 

Contact details and further information about the DOE accredited EVCS Providers are can be accessed through
Pursuant to the DOE Department Circular No. DC2023-05-0011 – EVCS Providers Accreditation and EVCS Registration Guidelines, we have listed DOE Accredited EVCS Providers as of 01 May 2024 is available below. 
For detailed information on the EV transition, you can visit, - the official Philippine EV Industry portal.  If you are looking for available electric vehicles in the Philippines, you can check DOE recognized EVs


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Call for Comments on the Draft Department Circular "Grant of Special Allowances for Petroleum Service Contractors"
Post date: Thursday, 9 May 2024 03:12PM


Call for Comments

The Department of Energy, through the Energy Resource Development Bureau, requests interested parties and stakeholders for comments and recommendations on the draft Department Circular:

“Grant of Special Allowances for Petroleum Service Contractors”

Submission of comments and recommendations may be addressed to Dir. Nenito C. Jariel, Jr., Director of the Energy Resource Development Bureau (ERDB) or via email at

It will be highly appreciated if all comments be transmitted on or before 17 June 2024.


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1. Draft DC - "Grant of Special Allowances for Petroleum Service Contractors".

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