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QTP Frequently Asked Questions

Revised Qualified Third Party Guidelines

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Qualified Third Party (QTP)?
  2. What are unviable, unserved and underserved areas?
  3. What are QTP Service Areas?
  4. What are the legal basis for QTPs?
  5. Who can participate as QTP?
  6. How to qualify as QTP?
  7. Who will conduct the Competitive Bidding for QTP?
  8. What is Competitive Bidding for QTP and how it is done?
  9. What is a QTP Service Contract?
  10. What are the responsibilities of QTPs?
  11. What will be the responsibilities of DOE, ERC, NPC, NEA, and DUs in the QTP implementation and operation?
  12. Will the QTPs receive a subsidy from the government?
  13. Does the revised guidelines also cover the pending QTP applications?
  14. Where are the existing QTPs and its current status?
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