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Public Notice No. PN2021-03-0001

Declaration of Qualified Third Party (QTP) Service Areas Pursuant to Section 59 of the EPIRA and Rule 14 of its Implementing Rules and Regulations (DOEQTPSA No. 2021-001)

NOTICE is hereby given on the areas that have been declared remote, unserved and underserved, and are referred tp as "Qualified Third Party (QTP) Service Areas" open for any interested Qualified Third Party/ies for electricity service provision pursuant to Section 59 of the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 otherwise known as EPIRA, Rule 14 of Its Implementing Rules and Regulations and the DOE Circular No. DC2019-11-0015 "Precribing the Revised Guidelines for Qualified Third Parties."

Distribution Utility                                                                                    Number of Areas

Negros Occidental Electric Cooperative, Inc. (NOCECO)                                    6

Palawan Electric Cooperative, Inc. (PALECO)                                                     63

Attached as Annex A is the detailed list of the QTP Service Areas.

All Unviable, Unserved and Underserved Areas, which are not included in the attached list, may be nominated by the QTP proponent to the DOE, subject to the latter's validation and declaration, pursuant to Section 12,4 of the Revised QTP Guidelines.

Please be guided by the DOE Department Circular No. DC2019-11-0015 on the procedures in the selection of a QTP to serve the QTP Service Areas.

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