The Department of Energy will answer all the allegations leveled against it in the proper venue after formal receipt of the complaint. 
The Department could not but suspect that political motivation may be behind the reported complaint as DOE Secretary Alfonso Cusi is also the incumbent President of the ruling party PDP-Laban headed by President Rodrigo Duterte.
It should be noted that two of the alleged complainants are Filipino-Americans who were reportedly identified with the “Oust Duterte” movement in the United States.
Coincidence or not, the timing of the filing of the case is curiously close to the onset of the political season with the recent filing of the certificates of candidacy of national and local candidates for elective office.
The case is speculative, without basis and malicious.  The questioned transaction is above-board. Sec. Cusi welcomes the complaint and he  is ready to answer all allegations in any forum to bring-out the truth and carry the ends of justice.
“Clearly, this is harassment, but it comes with the territory, so we will just address it at the proper forum where it was filed.
I have no doubt the truth will vindicate me and the innocent people dragged into this purported action obviously filed for the singular purpose of political propaganda.
Those who reportedly filed this unwarranted action want to present themselves as patriots when the truth is they are not even residing in the country. They would want to dictate government policy while living comfortably abroad. I say let them come here, so they can be within reach of our justice system when we get to establish that they are guilty of perjury," Cusi stressed.
At any rate, the DOE remains confident that after due consideration of the truth the department would eventually be vindicated.