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Downstream Natural Gas

The birth of the Philippine natural gas industry brings the country closer to its goal of harnessing environment friendly fuels to ensure a stable, diverse and secure energy supply. However, the growth of this industry is anchored on the development of additional gas-generated capacity, other non-power applications and the necessary infrastructure that is to bring the natural gas to its potential markets. The infrastructure includes the appropriate pipeline transmission and distribution networks, LNG terminals and facilities, gas refilling stations for CNG-run vehicles and ancillary facilities.

In the absence of the law for the natural gas sector, the stage for the industry’s development has been set with the preparation of a gas policy framework, industry rules and regulations. A clear and concise policies, objectives, programs and strategies formulated by the DOE, together with the critical cooperation and participation of the private sector, development  of a natural gas industry is ensured.

While there is still much to be done, the DOE will be at the forefront of efforts to rally the participants in this new industry to success.


Natural Gas Situationer Report Full Year 2019


The Philippines continued to be self-sufficient in natural gas with 100% of its production amounting to 155,495 million standard cubic feet (mmscf) is mainly sourced from the offshore Malampaya gas field. Total volume of indigenous natural gas supplied to power and industrial sector accounts for 149,007 mmscf reflecting a 2.57 percent increased against the year ago level of 145,273 mmscf. Power generation accounted for the highest share in usage of 98 percent and the remaining 2 percent is utilized by the industrial sector.
This year, natural gas contributes 29.72 percent of the Luzon generation mix alongside other energy sources such as coal, geothermal, hydro, oil and other renewable energy sources like wind, solar & biomass.  

Remarkably, there is a volume disparity of 6,488 mmscf between what has been supplied from the Malampaya gas field against the actual recorded demand. The difference can be attributed to flaring, gas heating, venting and purging of natural gas at the platform, onshore-gas-Plant (OGP) facility, own use power plants, and linepack in the 504 km natural gas pipeline.

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