Compendium of Philippine Energy Statistics and Information (1990-2016)

The Compendium on Energy Statistics and Information (CESI) for 2016 is a maiden publication made possible through the efforts of the Energy Policy and Planning Bureau (EPPB) of the Department of Energy (DOE).  The Compendium aims to provide the general public with a comprehensive representation of the country's major energy statistics.  It also aims to enhance the awareness and appreciation of energy statistics as valuable inputs to policy and decision making.  Consisten with good practices in energy statistics, the Compendium is expected to serve as an instrument for the DOE to disseminate energy data and courage information sharing among users and producers of energy statistics.

The Compendium covers historical data for 1990 to 2016, including projections for energy supply and demand until 2040.  Statistical tables from recent energy surveys and socio-economic variables that impact the energy sector are likewise included.

The Policy Formulation and Research Division (PFRD) of the EPPB is the focal division that handled the preparation of this Compendium, with data inputs from other DOE bureaus.

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