Appliance Testing

1. Formulate energy standards for appliances and equipment.

2. Conduct testing of appliances, equipment and other energy consuming devices.

  • Maintain database on energy performance of appliances and equipment in aid of formulating policy recommendation and for consumer information.

  • Implement energy efficiency standards.

3. Conduct research and studies to improve efficiency of energy consuming appliances and equipment.

4. Provide consultancy and technical assistance on standards development/formulation, energy performance testing of appliances and equipment.

5. Conduct on-the-job training/orientation Programs in support of the academe, the energy sector and the industry.

6. Coordinate with various DOE units and concerned government agencies, academe, energy sector and other stakeholders on matters related to the above enumerated functions.

Services Offered:

Energy Performance

  • Room Airconditioners

  • Refrigerators and Freezers

  • Beverage Coolers

  • Electric Cooking Stoves

  • Industrial Fan

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