Updated Process for the Issuance of Order of Payment through the Collection Monitoring System Version 2 (COMSV2)

Date Posted: 01 August 2023

The Department of Energy will implement the updated process of collection or the Collection Monitoring System Version 2 (COMSV2) starting August 7, 2023. Under the updated process, Applicants will still request for an Order of Payment (OoP) through the PELP System (pelp.doe.gov.ph) to prompt the generation of the Billing Statement. EUMB-EPRED will facilitate the processing of the Billing Statement, which will be sent via email (coms@doe.gov.ph). Upon confirmation of the applicant, through the same email thread, the DOE-Accounting Division will proceed with the issuance of the Order of Payment, through email, and payments may be made either through Over the Counter (OTC) Bank Deposit, Online Transfer transactions or On-Site payment at the DOE Treasury Division. For payments made Online or through OTC Deposit, an Official Receipt will be sent via email after validation of payment. For on-site cash payments at the DOE, the Official Receipt will be physically issued by the DOE Treasury Division.

In line with these changes, all PELP applications will now require the DOE-issued Official Receipt as proof of payment. For more information on the new payment process for PELP Applications, please refer to the link for the step-by-step guide (https://www.doe.gov.ph/pelp/advisories).