DOE urges oil companies to prepare for Holy Week, reminds households of safety precautions


With the Lenten season approaching, the Department of Energy (DOE) calls on oil companies to mobilize assistance along national highways, major roads, tollways and areas leading to pilgrimage sites as motorists embark on Holy Week retreats and summer vacations.


During this period, motorists travel for religious observances or to spend time with their families in the provinces. “Let us assist them in safely navigating their way during these busy travel periods by implementing initiatives that will enhance their overall travel experience and promote road safety campaigns,” Energy Secretary Raphael P.M. Lotilla said.


The DOE recognizes the overall impact of oil prices in the international market on the motoring public. “We can compensate them with efficient services by ensuring that service stations are well-stocked and the staff can handle the increased volume of cars, including offering extended hours, if necessary,” the Secretary added.


Noting that major roads and highways will have more vehicles in the coming days, the Secretary further added that oil companies may engage in community outreach programs, including partnerships with car manufacturing companies for road safety campaigns, offer support to local authorities for traffic management by providing information on road conditions, alternate routes, and emergency contacts.


Meanwhile, Secretary Lotilla reminds households to take precautions with their electricity devices when leaving their homes unattended for an extended period to ensure safety and energy efficiency. “Before hitting the long drive this Holy Week, we advise our homeowners to inspect their electrical outlets, cords, and extension cords thoroughly for any damage, and to repair damaged components to prevent the risks of electrical hazards, such as short circuits or electrical fires,” the Secretary said.


Fire risks occur in many electrical faults due to short circuit or loose connections, endangering lives, and property. In these cases, the current flowing increases dramatically, which in turn causes overheating of wires and components in the device, including wires in the supply leading to the device.


The Lenten season sees many of our kababayans return to their hometowns and reunite with their families to spend their Holy Week. The DOE would like to ensure that travelers will have a safe drive ahead and at the same time remind them of safety precautions to secure their homes from any potential risks caused by faulty electrical wirings such as unplugging of non-essential electrical devises --- TVs, computers, chargers, and small appliances. ###