We wish to inform you that the Department of Energy - Renewable Energy Management Bureau (DOE-REMB) has identified areas with sufficient available technical data or Pre- Determined Areas (PDAs) for geothermal, wind and hydropower energy resources for development and utilization. In view of this, the 4th Open and Competitive Selection Process (OCSP4) for the said PDAs will be conducted.

As provided under the RE Omnibus Guidelines, a separate Department Circular on the requirements and procedures governing OCSP4 shall be issued. A draft DC for OCSP4 has been prepared and will be presented to all stakeholders to solicit inputs before its issuance.

Thus, we are pleased to invite you for a virtual public consultation on 22 March 2023, at 9:00 am. Please refer to the QR-Code below to register.

The link to the virtual pubcon will be emailed upon registration. Thank you.

Downloadable Materials:

  1. Draft Department Circular– “Adopting the Guidelines Governing the 4th Open and Competitive Selection Process (OCSP4) in the award of Renewable Energy Service Contracts, and for other purposes”

  2. Comments Matrix

  3. Signed PubCon Advisory