2012 - 2016 Missionary Electrification Development Plan (MEDP)


The 2012-2016 Missionary Electrification Development Plan (2012 MEDP) is an outline of the Government’s plans to improve the conditions prevailing in missionary areas. The 2012 MEDP focuses specific plans and projects for the next five years.

With funding support from the World Bank (WB) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through the Philippine Rural Power Project, Trust Fund No. TF 52188, the Department of Energy (DOE) engaged Innovation Energie Développement (IED) to review the missionary electrification framework and its current status and thereafter initiate the preparation of the 2012 MEDP for the DOE. We thank IED for producing a report depicting a clear status of missionary electrification in the country, and WB and GEF for the Technical Assistance provided to further enhance and remove the barriers of renewable energy development in missionary areas. Data and insights presented by IED were discussed and studied by DOE in determining what needs to be done.

The 2012 MEDP is intended to serve as the blueprint on which missionary electrification policy actions in the next five years will be based, and will evolve as necessitated by circumstances. The intended audiences of this document are industry participants in Small Islands and Isolated Grids (SIIGs), specifically the National Power Corporation - Small Power Utilities Group (NPC-SPUG), potential New Power Providers (NPPs) and Qualified Third Parties (QTPs), Distribution Utilities (DUs), the National Electrification Administration (NEA), and the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).


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