Department Order No. DO2021-04-0005

Amendment to Department Order No. DO2020-11-0012 on Addendum to DO2020-04-0006 on Prescribing the Guidelines on the Conversion of Current Postpaid/Prepaid Mobile Telephone Subscription to Cellular Phone Allowance for the Officials and Personnel of the DOE and Repealing for this Purpose DO2017-12-0018

WHEREAS, in compliance with the President's SONA DIRECTIVE 2017-0010 mandating all national government agencies to process request from the public within 15 working days and Commission on Audit (COA) Circular No. 2012-003 dated 29 October 2012 on "Updated Guidelines for the Prevention and Disallowances of Irregular, Unnecessary, Excessive, Extrvagant and Unconscionable Expenditures", the Department of Energy (DOE) issued Department Order (DO) Nos. DO2020-04-0006 and DO2020-11-0012, providing the guidelines on the conversion of current postpaid/prepaid mobile telephone subscription to cellular phone allowance, inclusion of employees with Salary Grade (SG) 22 & 23 and grant of cellular phone allowance for those officials/employees who are discharged for the DOE Locally/Foreign Funded Projects.

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