Department Order No. DO2016-04-0007

Providing for Additional Provisions to Department Order No. DO2005-03-002 Personnel Development Guidelines, Series of 2005

The following additional provisions to the Personnel Development Guidelines are hereby issued for its update and to become more relevant to the current requirements of the Department of Energy:

V.2. Who can be nominated

New Provision:

j. For purposes of computing the residency requirements, the length of contract as Job Order (JO) will be counted for new employees under the following conditions:

j.1 Functions and engagements under the previous contract as JO is directly related to the present position and proposed travel; and

j.2 Rating under JO contract was Very Satisfactory (VS) and /or Outstanding (O).

The Additional Provisions shall take effect immediately.

Issued at Energy Center, Bonifacio  Global City, Taguig City.

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