Launching of the PELP Online Product Registration Platform for Electric Fans (EF) and Adjustment of Registration for Clothes Washing Machines (CWM)

Date Posted: 28 March 2024

We would like to inform all Stakeholders that the DOE will start accepting PELP Online Product Registration for Electric Fans (EF) starting 25 March 2024. All Importers, Manufacturers and Distributors of Electric Fan are enjoined to register their respective product models through the PELP System (

For Clothes Washing Machines, the launching of the PELP Online Product Registration Module will be moved to 29 April 2024. The adjustment was made to ensure the system's integrity and to further improve our service to our stakeholders.

For the guidelines and registration requirements, applicants may refer to the following links:

All information obtained and shared by DOE and used for the purpose of the said online system will be subject to the provisions within the DOE's Data Privacy Policy (