Guidance on Compliance with the Philippine Energy Labeling Program (PELP) for Dealers and Retailers of Energy-Consuming Products (ECPs) including Online Selling Platforms

Date Posted: 17 February 2024

Aligned with the PELP enforcement activities, which would commence on March 2024, the DOE would like to remind all dealers and retailers of Energy-Consuming Products (ECPs) to observe the compliance mechanisms stated under the PELP Implementing Guidelines for Registration, Enforcement, Monitoring, Verification and Compliance Mechanisms:

  • All dealers and retailers of PELP-covered ECPs should display of corresponding Energy Labels in all PELP-covered products
  • ECP dealers and retailers engaged in selling through online platforms are enjoined to include the PELP Energy Label and a link to the Product Information Page on their product page/site
  • Online selling platforms are urged to require sellers of PELP-covered ECPs, that use their platform, to publish a copy of the PELP Energy Label in the respective product page/posting.
  • Printed materials and digital advertisements, showcasing PELP-covered products, should exhibit either the PELP Energy Label or the PELP Promotional Mark.

For the guidelines on Enforcement Monitoring and Verification activities and PELP Compliance Mechanisms, please refer to this link: Implementing Guidelines for the Philippine Energy Labeling Program on Registration, Enforcement, Monitoring, Verification, and Compliance Mechanism.