Certified Energy Manager (CEM) – Registration Process

Requirements for Certification

  1. Duly accomplished application form (Annex E)
  2. Certified True Copy of PRC License (if applicable)
  3. Certified True Copy of Diploma and Transcript of Records;
  4. Endorsement letter from his/her supervisor or other authorized representative of the Type 2 DE
  5. Proof of Experience duly certified by the human resource management head or similar office
  6. Sworn statement of the applicant in discharging functions of EMs (Annex F)
  7. Proof of payment of One Thousand Pesos (PHP 1,000) for application fee for certification
  8. Certificate of completion with coursework

After assessment of Completeness:

1. Payment of P1,000.00 Application Fee

2.  Submit proof of payment to (https://bit.ly/Submit_OrderPayment)

For the processing of application, please refer to the following link: