Department Order No. DO2015-06-0005

Prescribing the duties and functions of the field offices of the department of energy pursuant to section 5 (3 & 4) of department order no. Do2013-12-0019 entitled, “strengthening the management and operations of the affiliated renewable energy (ARECS) in the Philippines"

WHEREAS, Department Order No. DO2013-12-0019 was issued on December 2, 2013 which, among others, "institutionalizes accreditation process and strengthen the management and operations of the Affiliated Renewable Energy Centers (ARECs) in the Philippines in order to ensure sustainability of its operations, promote complementation of resources, accountability, and to implement programs and projects in a unified direction congruent with the DOE's mandates, mission and thrusts";

WHEREAS, the accredited ARECs are established and managed by virtue of the provisions of Department Order No. DO2013-12-0019 and the conditions under the duly executed Memorandum of Agreement between the DOE and the ARECs;

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