Terms of Reference for Data Package Services under the Fifth Philippine Energy Contracting Round (PECR5)

Data Package Services under the
Fifth Philippine Energy Contracting Round (PECR5)

  1. Background of the Project

    The Government of the Philippines, through the Department of Energy (“DOE”), is launching the PECR 5 through a transparent and competitive system for awarding of service contracts for the exploration, development and utilization of coal and petroleum resources in the Philippines. The DOE received a proposal for the data package services for petroleum areas. The proposal includes a virtual data room, among others, to host the Philippines’ petroleum data online for easy access and reference of prospective applicants or proponents. To ensure competitive and transparent system of awarding the data package service agreement, the DOE decides to subject the submitted proposal for open and competitive challenge.

  2. Qualifications

    Interested firms are expected to possess proven track record in providing expertise and experience in implementing data package services in different jurisdictions, with specific particularity to the Philippines’ previous contracting round, or substantially similar services. In addition, interested firms shall offer their extensive direct expertise and experience in the development and delivery of virtual data room for petroleum data. Interested firm are also expected to be familiar with the Philippines’ petroleum industry and previous petroleum contracting round.

  3. Technical Proposals

    Interested firms shall submit, together with qualification documents, proposals for data package services which shall include the following activities:

    1. Review and audit available license round data held by the DOE (DOE to provide comprehensive list detailing data, logs, media and condition);
    2. Format, convert, transcribe into suitable format for inclusion into data room;
    3. Seismic vectorizing and well log digitizing (conversion to digital data formats after scanning) as appropriate for each of the minimum of nine (9) and a maximum of fifteen (15) areas offered under PECR 5. Additional vectorizing/digitising and/or supplementary seismic data processing, if required, may be undertaken at potential investors cost;
    4. Prepare data packages for sale to potential investors in workstation-ready packages where possible;
    5. Provide promotion services to introduce pertinent information to key decision makers to greatly enhance participation in PECR 5;
    6. Provide a virtual data room to host a minimum of nine (9) and a maximum of fifteen (15) separate license areas as indicated by the DOE.
    7. Proposed timeline on the data package services which shall comply with the approved timeline of the PECR5.
  4. Financial Proposal

    Interested firms shall submit its financial proposals for the delivery of the data package services. The financial proposal shall specify that the costs and expenses for the data package services shall be for the sole account of the proponent and shall recover such costs and expenses through sharing of proceeds with the Department of Energy (DOE).

  5. Data Handling, Data Transferand Monthly Reports

    Interested firms shall submit specific work programs for the data handling and proposals for data transfer during the term of the data package service agreement. In addition, the proposal shall include plans and programs for monthly reporting to the DOE.

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 Prepared by the REC Secretariat:

 I. U. Ocampo
Chairperson, REC Secretariat

 Approved by:

 Usec. R. A. V. Oca
Chairperson, REC