State of Emergency in Oil Supply

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 682 and consistent with the policy of the State to ensure a continuous and adequate supply of petroleum products and in response to the emergency situation brought about by the recent super typhoon Yolanda, all oil companies are hereby directed to undertake the following:

  • Implement Department Circular No. DC2011-03-0003 that enjoin you to engage in Mutual Product Sharing Accommodations in order to provide and stabilize all supply.
  • Submit promptly to the Department of Energy - Oil Industry Management Bureau (DOE-OIMB) through the following reports in the prescribed format:

    1. Opening inventory as of Mondays, due day after of each oil depot in the Visayas region including replenishment schedule (Attachment A);
    2. Daily movements of oil products from the depots to your retail outlets, due 10:00 AM the following day (Attachment B);
    3. Inventory of oil depots in the Bicol region which are also major and regular supply sources of Samar (Attachment A).
  • Prioritize fuel supply to the following sectors/entities:
    1. Rescue, Relief and Rehab Operations
    2. Public Health Services
    3. Communications Services
    4. Food Transport
    5. AFP/PNP
      • These priority sectors/entities shall have to negotiate with the dealers who in turn have to advise the depot. The dealers in the area have to develop a scheme for the dispatch, e.g. provision of priority lane or dedicating a station for the priority sector.
  • Limit sale to Private/individual customers to two (2) liters only or up to P500.00 worth for direct fueling of vehicles.

  • As necessary, file request for additional security of specific facilities and fuel transport. 

Issues contributing to the delayed implementation and compliance to this memorandum shall be recorded and reported to the DOE for immediate resolution.

For strict compliance.