Laws & Issuances (Oil & Gas)


Oil Exploration and Development Act of 1972

The Act, conferred by Presidential Decree 87, provides the legal basis for the exploration and development of indigenous petroleum resources authorizing the grant of service contracts entered into thru public bidding, or through negotiations.

Presidential Decree 1857

This law amends certain sections of PD 87, offering improved fiscal and contractual terms to service contractors with special reference to deepwater oil exploration.

DOE Circular No. 2003-05-005

This Circular establishes the procedures for the Philippine contracting round in petroleum prospective areas.

DOE Circular No. 2003-05-006

DC 2003-05-006 provides the guidelines to the financial and technical capabilities of a viable petroleum exploration and production company.

Executive Order No. 66

This order designates the Department of Energy as the lead agency in developing the natural gas industry.

Overview of the Natural Gas Industry

DOE Circular No. 2002-08-005

The circular sets the interim rules and regulations governing the transmission, distribution and supply of natural gas.

Other Issuances

Philippine Environmental Policy Act (Presidential Decree 1151)

Enacted in 1977, this act requires the government and the private sector to undertake environmental impact assessments of their project activities which may significantly affect the quality of the environment.

Philippine Environmental Code (P.D. 1152)

The Code provides a detailed prescriptions on the management of air quality, water quality, land use, natural resources and waste.

Environmental Impact Statement System (P.D. 1586)

The decree which took effect in 1978 provides details on Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) System.

National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of 1992

The act, by virtue of Republic Act No. 7586, provides for the establishment and management of national integrated protected areas system, defining its scope and coverage. Section 14 of the NIPAS Act specifies the survey of energy resources in protected areas solely for data gathering. Any exploitation and utilization of energy resources found within NIPAS areas shall be allowed only thru passage of law by Congress.

The Indigenous People's Rights Act of 1997 (Republic Act 8371)

Establishes implementing mechanisms to protect and promote the rights of indigenous cultural communities/indigenous peoples.

Memorandum Agreement

DENR-DOE Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) On Streamlining of EIS Process for Energy Projects