Geo Scientific Research and Testing Laboratory

Processed Fuels Section

The Processed Fuels Section conducts quality assurance tests on petroleum products and alternative fuels collected from refineries, bulk plants, terminals, depots and retail outlets nationwide to ensure conformance with the Philippine National Standard (PNS) and guarantee supply of quality and safe products to the consuming public. We also provide laboratory support services to the DOE's technical divisions, the oil industry, the academe and other stakeholders.

Services Provided:

Oil and Gas Section

The Oil and Gas Section makes its services available to the petroleum industry and private individuals seeking verification of crude oil/gas seeps sources or requiring specific and detailed analyses for characterization and evaluation purposes.

We also conduct analyses of Bio-fuel samples to check compliance to parameters set by Philippine National Standard (PNS) on these samples.

Services Provided:

Source Rock Analysis

Geological Section

The Geological Section provides micropaleontological, biostratigraphic and petrological analytical services to the government and private energy sector in support of energy exploration and development.

It is presently building a micropaleontological and petrological database for Philippine samples.

Services Provided:

Sample Preparation

Coal and Geothermal Section

The Coal and Geothermal Section provides geochemical services to determine the origin and environment of coal formations, physical properties and washability potential of coals and performs correlation studies on different coal seams.

Likewise, it undertakes geochemical research and analytical services to measure geothermal fluid characteristics and reservoir properties and helps in the assessment of the prospectivity of geothermal areas.

Services Provided:


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