Implementing Rules and Regulations

Department Circular No. 2009-05-0008

  • Rules and Regulations Implementing Republic Act No. 9513

Department Circular No. 2007-05-0006

  • Rules and Regulations Implementing Republic Act No. 9367

Joint Administrative Order No. 2008-1, Series of 2008

  • Guidelines Governing the Biofuel Feed Stocks Production, and Biofuels and Biofuel Blends Production, Distribution and Sale Under Republic Act No. 9367

Department Circulars

Department Circular No. DC2016-07-0012

  • Implementing Rules and Regulations for Republic Act No. (RA) 10745 or the Amended Biofuels Act of 2006

Department Circular No. DC2015-07-0014

  • Prescribing the policy for maintaining the share of renewable energy (re) resources in the country's installed capacity through the holistic implementation of the pertinent provisions of republic act no. 9513 or the re act on feed-in tariff (fit) system, priority and must dispatch, among others

Department Circular No. DC2015-03-0001

  • Promulgating the framework for the implementation of must dispatch and priority dispatch of renewable energy resources in the wholesale electricity spot market

Department Circular No. DC2013-05-0009

  • Guidelines for the Selection Process of Renewable Energy Projects under Feed-in Tariff System and the Award of Certificate for Feed-in Tariff Eligibility

Department Circular No. 2012-11-0009

  • Renewable Energy Safety, Health and Environment rules and regulations statement of authority.

Department Circular No. 2011-02-0001

  • Mandatory Use of BIOFUEL Blend

Department Circular No. 2009-07-0010

  • Guidelines for the Accreditation of Manufacturers, Fabricators and Suppliers of Locally-Produced Renewable Energy Equipment and Components

Department Circular No. 2009-07-0011

  • Guidelines Governing a Transparent and Competitive System of Awarding Renewable Energy Service/Operating Contracts and Providing for the Registration Process of Renewable Energy Developers

Department Circular No. 2009-02-0002

  • Mandating a Minimum of 2% Blend of Biodiesel in All Diesel and 5% BIOETHANOL in Annual Total Volume of Gasoline

Department Circular No. 2003-10-009

  • Geothermal Safety and Health Code of Practice

Department Circular No. 2000-02-001

  • Revised Geothermal Safety and Health Rules and Regulations

Laws and Issuances

Republic Act No. 9513

Approved on December 16, 2008: An Act promoting the development, utilization and commercialization of renewable energy resources and for other purposes

Republic Act No. 9367

Approved on January 12, 2007: An act to direct the use of biofuels, establishing for this purpose the biofuel program, appropriating funds therefor, and for other purposes

Department Orders

Department Circulars