Statement of Sec. Almendras on the Issue that the Government is Conniving with Private Companies Causing the Current Mindanao Power Situation

The DOE has to follow existing laws which is very clear about government’s role. We are doing all we can within the limits of law. Our actions have been as transparent as possible with very active consultation with stakeholders. We are not siding with anyone but just highlighting the truth of the situation. One such truth is that our actions have resulted in revenue reduction for some corporations clearly proving that we are not favoring big business.

We have issued a Department Circular to rationalize the power supply in Mindanao, but again, this will only be a band aid solution. The real solution for Mindanao, as we said in 2010, is additional base load generation capacity which will require investments from the private sector as allowed by law.

These investments will only happen if the local governments and the people of Mindanao help in solving the situation.

Download Department Circular no. DC2012-03-0004 here.