Save our Mother Earth from danger, join the Earth Hour 2024 - DOE

The Department of Energy (DOE) enjoins the public to observe the Earth Hour, a 60-minute symbolic event highlighting the importance of taking action against climate change and promoting sustainable living practices.

A synergic act by taking small yet meaningful actions to protect the environment and combat climate change, Energy Secretary Raphael P.M. Lotilla invites the public to be in solidarity with the rest of the world from the comfort and safety of their homes by switching off their non-essential lights from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM on Saturday, 23 March 2023.

“Every year during the same period, we are reminded of an hour of collective action to make a difference for our Mother Earth. The underlying mission of this act and the call for cooperation from all of us will certainly bring a difference, no matter how small it is. Let us, therefore, demonstrate how purposeful behavior could achieve something great and worthy,” Secretary Lotilla said.

The Secretary underscores the significance of being mindful of energy usage, emphasizing that simple actions such as turning off lights and unplugging electronic devices when not in use, and carpooling can collectively make a substantial difference in our energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The DOE has always been at the forefront of pushing for a more sustainable and resilient energy system. The aggressive drive on energy efficiency and conservation and renewable energy through its policies, programs, measures, and practices has been seen as a viable strategy in changing the perspective of Filipinos to address pressing environmental concerns.

“With energy efficiency and conservation practices, we can do more with less by using technology and adopting behaviors that reduce the energy required to accomplish a task or provide service. Whether upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, improving insulation in our homes, or optimizing industrial processes, every small step towards energy efficiency contributes to significant savings and environmental benefits”, the Secretary stressed.

The Earth Hour is an annual symbolic lights-out event that started in Sydney in 2007 to bond together on the planet’s biggest environmental challenges. It has become the most significant grassroots movement to reach more people worldwide to work together and focus on climate and climate biodiversity actions.

Over the years, Filipinos have embraced the Earth Hour. In 2019, the Philippines registered the highest energy savings of 195.34 megawatts (MW) from the one-hour energy switch-off. This year, the DOE hopes to surpass this record.
For this year’s Earth Hour theme of “Switch Off Plastic Pollution, Give an Hour for Earth”, we are reminded of our individual actions, corporate responsibility, and government regulations in promoting sustainable habits by adopting eco-friendly practices and packaging for a healthier ecosystem.

Manila, the country's capital, will be hosting this year's Earth Hour by switching off non-essential lights in iconic landmarks in the city including the city clock tower and Rizal Monument. ###