Revitalizing Energy Efficiency and Conservation Efforts

16 March 2016

(Taguig City) The Department of Energy (DOE) steps up initiatives towards energy efficiency and conservation through finalizing the Philippine Energy Standards and Labeling Program (PESLP), which will be a key contribution to the attainment of the country’s aspirational target to reduce energy intensity by 45% by 2035.

 "We’re almost done in updating the Philippine Energy Standards and Labeling Program, which would cover a wider range of appliances and lighting systems, and to include even light duty motor vehicles,” said OIC-Assistant Secretary Patrick T. Aquino. He added that comments and suggestions raised during the public consultations held in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao last February were given substantial weight in the finalization of the PESLP to make the policy more responsive to the needs of all stakeholders.

 The PESLP initially covers room air-conditioners, split-type aircons, refrigerators with 5-8 cubic feet storage capacity, and three types of fluorescent lamp (CFL, linear and circular) and electronic ballasts.

 This initiative is in line with the DOE’s “energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C)” program, as a major aspect in cutting down the country’s carbon emissions.

 Meanwhile, as a staunch advocate of EE&C, the DOE encourages the consuming public to participate in the observance of #EarthHour spearheaded by the World Wildlife Fund-Philippines by turning off lights as well as electrical appliances for an hour on March 19 at 8:30 p.m.

 Relatedly, the DOE revives its #DOEhugot online campaign to create greater awareness about EE&C. This online campaign basically throws emotionally appealing hugot lines which are drawn from experiences, song lyrics and movie scripts in which electric appliances and lighting systems were personified comically implying judicious and efficient use of energy.

 Some of the #DOEhugot posts at the DOE’s social media account –Facebook ( and Twitter (@doe_ph) are the following:

Image on #DOEhugot - Akala mo lang wala

Image on #DOEhugot - Huwag mo na akong paikutin

Image on #DOEhugot - Why you have to leave me

 The DOE assures the public of its continued resolve to involve energy consumers in various discourses to ensure that every kilowatt of electricity and every drop of oil are used effectively.