Over 100 percent increase in energy savings generated from the Earth Hour 2024

In a remarkable display of solidarity for energy conservation and sustainability, the Earth Hour 2024 has generated an impressive increase in electricity savings of 132.11 megawatts (MW) for the Philippines. This represents an increase of 110.73 percent from last year's savings of 62.69 MW. As lights dimmed across the country last Saturday, individuals, communities, and businesses rallied to demonstrate their commitment to taking actions against climate change and promoting sustainable energy consumption.


This year's electricity savings were recorded at 73.86 MW from Luzon, 53.30 MW from Visayas, and 4.95 MW from Mindanao. In comparison, last year's Earth Hour resulted in savings of 33.29 MW from Luzon, 20.50 MW from Visayas, and 8.90 MW from Mindanao.


This remarkable achievement underscores the power of collective action in promoting energy efficiency and conservation. By turning off non-essential lights and appliances for just one hour, individuals and businesses have made a tangible impact on reducing carbon emissions and conserving valuable resources.


"We are pleased to see such an impact in electricity savings during last Saturday's Earth Hour. This only demonstrates our people's dedication to safeguarding our planet. By coming together for this symbolic gesture, we send a powerful message of unity and commitment to sustainable practices," Secretary Raphael PM. Lotilla said.


"But I hope our practice of energy conservation will go beyond the Earth Hour. As we enter the warm and dry season coupled with the El Niño phenomenon, let us sustain the momentum in order to prevent supply strain due to shifts in peak demand consumption brought about by increased cooling needs " the Secretary stressed. 


Organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines, the DOE has been consistently at the forefront of the Earth Hour to encourage citizens, communities, and businesses to take meaningful action against climate change. Beyond the symbolic act of turning off lights, it catalyzes the government's ongoing efforts to promote renewable energy, energy conservation, and environmental stewardship. ###