Media Statement: Yellow Alert Declaration due to Tripping of San Lorenzo

A yellow alert was declared by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) today which will start at 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM, following the tripping of San Lorenzo Natural Gas Power Plant Modules 50 and 60 at 267 MW each, at around 10:58 AM, causing the decline in grid frequency to 58.915Hz. Similarly, the Department of Energy (DOE) noted that the scheduled contingency reserve is already below the level of the highest unit online.

Load dropping (interruptions) were reported to have occurred at NGCP and MERALCO feeders following the tripping of San Lorenzo but were immediately restored at 1106H for Meralco customers and at 1104H for NGCP customers. As of this report, the DOE is still coordinating with San Lorenzo and other stakeholders for the cause of the tripping.

Meanwhile, generators on forced outage are: SLPGC 1 @ 150MW, Ilijan Block A @ 600 MW, Ilijan Block B @ 600 MW, Ipower 1 @ 11 MW, La Farge 2 @ 6 MW, San Lorenzo 50 @ 266 MW, San Lorenzo 60 @ 264 MW (Total: 1,897 MW). Generators with de-rated capacities are Calaca 2 @ 170 MW, Sual 1 @ 300 MW, Masinloc 3 @ 300 MW, Magat HEPP @ 212MW, San Roque HEPP @ 336 MW (Total de-ration: 787 MW). ###