ENERGY SITUATION REPORT NO. 1 re: STY KARDING 26 September 2022, as of 0800H


A. Power Generation Plants

1. Luzon Grid

• As of *08:00AM on 26 September 2022*, power generation plants in affected areas are now under *NORMAL OPERATION*. 

• As of 07:00AM on 26 September 2022, there are *four (4) power plants* in _Benguet_ that experienced outages but are now back to *NORMAL OPERATION*: 

 Pantabangan and Masiway HEPPs – Three (3) units experienced outages at 2117H on 25 September 2022 but all units were restored and operational at 0752H on 26 September 2022.

 Hedcor Inc. – Six (6) units experienced outages at 2352H on 25 September 2022 caused by a 69kV Transient Line Fault due to ST Karding but all were restored at around 0323H on 26 September 2022 

• As per National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) Luzon grid update, there is a sufficient level of supply and reserves as of *6:00AM, 26 September 2022:* 


Available Capacity:  12,740 MW
Peak Demand: 7204 MW
Regulating Reserve:  255 MW
Net Operational Margin: AM 5281, PM 5074, EVE 5033

• Derated Plants include: 

GMEC 2 @ 270MW, 
Masinloc 1 @ 250MW, 
Masinloc 2 @ 300MW, 
Masinloc 3 @ 240MW, 
Pagbilao 1 @ 320MW, 
San Gabriel @ 211MW

*2. NPC Small Power Utility Group (SPUG)*

• As of 06:00 AM on 26 September 2022, the following DPPs from Apayao, Aurora, Quezon, and Camarines Norte are on-standby and ready to operate: 

1. APAYAO - Kabugao DPP 
2. AURORA - Casiguran DPP 
3. QUEZON - Jomalig DPP & Patnanungan DPP 

• Furthermore, the following DPPs are under NORMAL OPERATIONS. 

1. OCCIDENTAL MINDORO - Pulang Lupa Rental 
2. ROMBLON - Banton DPP 

*3. NPC Dam Status*

• As of 06:00 AM on 26 September 2022, based on the PAGASA’s DAM information report, all NPC Dams are on NORMAL OPERATION.

*B. Transmission Sector*

• As of 26 September 2022 at 6:00 AM, the System Operator provided the following:

1. The following transmission line is restored:

a. Mexico-Clark 69kV Line 1
Date/Time Out: 25 September 2022 / 10:29PM
Date/Time Restored: 26 September 2022 / 3:47AM
Customer affected: PELCO I, PRESCO

2. The following transmission lines are unavailable:

For the 230 KV Lines, four (4) 230kV lines are unavailable, particularly:

a. Mexico-Hermosa 230kV Line 1

b. San Rafael-Cabanatuan 230kV Line 1

c. Pantabangan-Cabanatuan 230kV Line, and 

d. Mexico-Concepcion 230kV Line 2.

For NORTH LUZON 69 KV Lines:

a. Cabanatuan-San Luis 69kV Line
Date/Time Out: 25 September 2022 / 9:11PM
Customer affected: NEECO II Area 1, NEECO II Area 2, AURELCO

b. Cabanatuan-Fatima 69kV Line
Date/Time Out: 25 September 2022 / 9:21PM
Customer affected: NEECO II Area 1, SAJELCO, PAMES

c. Cabanatuan-San Isidro 69kV Line
Date/Time Out: 25 September 2022 / 8:59PM
Customer affected: NEECO II Area 2

d. Cabanatuan-Bulualto 69kV Line
Date/Time Out: 25 September 2022 / 9:04PM
Customer affected: NEECO I

e. Concepcion-Camiling 69kV Line 
Date/Time Out: 25 September 2022 / 10:16PM
Customer affected: TARELCO I

f. Botolan-Castillejos 69kV Line
Date/Time Out: 26 September 2022 / 12:44AM
Customer affected: ZAMECO I, ZAMECO II

g. Hermosa-Floridablanca 69kV Line
Date/Time out: 26 September 2022 / 2:12AM
Customer affected: PELCO II


h. Famy-Comon 69kV Line
Date/Time Out: 25 September 2022 / 7:18PM (partially restored)
Customer affected: QUEZELCO II

• NGCP has mobilized its line crews and is currently conducting patrols to inspect and assess the impact of the typhoon to its operations and facilities. Simultaneous restoration activities are also being conducted on areas already accessible.

• Please note that this update pertains only to the status of the transmission network. Localized disturbances may be better addressed by your distribution utility. 

• Specific cities and municipalities affected by the unavailable transmission facilities are determined by concerned Distribution Utilities, unless the outage affects the entire franchise area.

(Please refer to NGCP MAP)

*C. Distribution Sector*

*_Private Distribution Utilities_* 

• As of 07:00 AM on 26 September 2022, the following Distribution Utilities are under NORMAL OPERATIONS: 

1. Olongapo Electric Distribution Company, Inc. 
2. La Union Electric Company, Inc. (LUECO)
3. San Fernado Electric and Power Company, Inc. (SFELAPCO) 

• The following PDU experienced momentary trippings but were immediately restored and back to NORMAL OPERATIONS

 Manila Electric Company – reported two (2) power interruptions due to strikes of lightning. 

 Moreover, MERALCO reported that 0.69% or 51,773 of their total customers were affected. Customers still out are mostly affected by flood and localized troubles. Line patrol/ clearing, damaged assessment, and repair is on-going.

*_Electric Cooperatives_* 

• Based on National Electrification Administration (NEA) report as of 0800H, a total of fifty-one (51) electric cooperatives from thirty-one (31) provinces and seven (7) regions were
placed under different Tropical Cyclone Wind Signal.

• Out of fifty-one (51) ECs, twenty-eight (28) are in normal operation while eight (8) ECs experienced partial power interruption and six (6) ECs are in total power interruption due to unavailable transmission lines. Meanwhile nine (9) ECs have not yet submitted their power monitoring report.

*a. ECs with Total Power Interruption*

Region III
1. Aurora Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AURELCO)
2. Tarlac I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (TARELCO I)
3. Nueva Ecija I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (NEECO I)
4. Nueva Ecija II Area I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (NEECO II A1)
5. Nueva Ecija II Area II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (NEECO II A2)
6. San Jose Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SAJELCO)

*b. ECs with Partial Power Interruption*

Region I
1. La Union Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LUELCO)
2. Pangasinan I Electric Cooperative (PANELCO I)
3. Central Pangasinan Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CENPELCO)

Mountain Province Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MOPRECO) 

Region III
1. Pampanga I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (PELCO I) 
2. Pampanga II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (PELCO II)
3. Zambales II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (ZAMECO II)

Quezon II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (QUEZELCO II) 

*D. Downstream Oil Industry Facilities* 

1. As of 800H on 26 Sep 2022, no reported oil supply shortage was received.

2. All bulk facilities reported no damage and are operational.

3. For retail outlets, 99.83% of retail outlets are operational with the following breakdown per region:

a. Region 3: 99.34% are operational. 

b. Region 4A: 99.85% are operational.   

c. Region 4B: 99.77% are operational.