Opening, Evaluation, Selection and Award of RE Applications

  1. The DOE shall open the Applications at exactly 1300H, on the last day of the submission of RE Applications. The RE Applicants or their duly authorized representatives are encouraged to attend the opening of the Applications.

    The REMB shall open the Applications in public to determine each Applicant’s compliance with the documentary requirements. For this purpose, RE Applications containing Envelopes A, B, and C shall be opened simultaneously and the REMB shall only determine the completeness of the documents submitted by each Applicant against the checklist of required documents (Annex “B”). Only complete Applications shall be allowed to undergo legal, technical and financial evaluation.

  2. Applications with incomplete documents shall be automatically disqualified during the opening of RE Applications. No additional documents shall be accepted after the deadline for submission of RE Applications.
  3. RE Applicants shall be duly informed by the REMB Supervising Assistant Secretary whether their Application passed the completeness check and shall be subjected to further legal, technical and financial evaluations. Applicants who were disqualified for submitting incomplete documents shall likewise be informed by the REMB Supervising Assistant Secretary of the fact of their disqualification and the reasons therefor.
  4. A processing fee of PhP23,850.00 per hydropower project and PhP6.50 per hectare for geothermal projects shall be paid by the RE Applicant that passed the completeness check within three (3) calendar days from receipt of the Order of Payment. Section 3.1.4.e provides the acceptable modes of payment.
  5. RE Applications which passed the completeness check shall be evaluated based on the following criteria:

    Legal Qualification Pass/Fail
    Work Program 40%
    Technical Qualification 20%
    Financial Qualification 40%

    Only after the Application has passed the legal evaluation shall the technical and financial components be examined based on the point system set herein (Annex G)

  6. The REMB shall complete the evaluation process within ten (10) working days from the date of the opening of the Applications.
  7. The highest ranked RE Application that meets the legal, technical, and financial requirements shall be selected.
  8. The RE Application that fails to obtain the minimum point requirement per criterion, shall not qualify even if the Applicant is the sole participant for the project/site.
  9. After a complete review and evaluation of the legal, technical, and financial qualifications of the RE Applications, the REMB Director, through its Supervising Assistant Secretary and Undersecretary, shall transmit to the DOE Secretary a written endorsement of the selected RE Application.
  10. Based on the written endorsement of the REMB, the DOE Secretary may approve the application and issuance of the corresponding RE Contract