Gas Policies & Objectives

Within the context of the country's broader energy sector goals, the policies and objectives for the development of the Philippine downstream natural gas industry have been crafted and supported the Energy Reform Agenda of energy access for more by ensuring energy security, optional energy pricing and develop a sustainable energy system. This will ensure an efficient, coordinated and integrated approach that enunciated policies are attained.



Promote natural gas as an environment-friendly, secure, stable  and economically efficient source of energy

Promote competition by liberalizing entry into the industry and adopting competitive and fair trade measures with due regard to public welfare and the financial viability of industry participants

Ensure compliance with Philippine environmental laws and international safety standards, rules and regulations

Increased share of natural gas in the energy and power mix while maintaining a diversified fuel mix

Increased utilization of natural gas as fuel in the  power and non-power sectors

Competitive natural gas prices vis-à-vis other fuels in a regulated market which  transforms into a deregulated market characterized by gas-to-gas competition and market based transactions

Adoption of state-of-the-art technology, development of experts in energy matters, increased employment and manpower development in localities where the development of indigenous  natural gas is  undertaken

Enhanced economic benefits to consumers