Fundamental Issuances

In the absence of a law for the downstream natural gas industry, the following issuances and policies serve as the pillars and provide guidance towards the development of the gas industry in the country.

Republic Act No. 7638 Department of Energy Act of 1992 – Creating the Department of Energy
Executive Order No. 66, s. 2002 Designated DOE as lead agency for development of Philippine Natural Gas Industry
Department Circular No. 95-06-006 Policy Guidelines on the Overall Development & Utilization of Natural Gas in the Philippines dated June 15, 1995
Department Circular No. 2002-08-005 Interim Rules and Regulations Governing the Transmission, Distribution, and Supply of Natural Gas. Promulgated in August 27, 2002 to provide basic framework to guide investors and operations in downstream natural gas industry
Department Circular No. 2002-07-004 Rules of Practice and Procedure Before the Department of Energy
Natural Gas Policy and Regulatory Framework Embodies the policies, objectives, programs, and strategies for developing the Natural Gas Industry
Philippine Energy Plan Provides framework for development of the Natural Gas Industry along with other energy sub-sectors
Presidential Decree No. 87 Otherwise knows as the Oil Exploration & Development Act of 1972, as amended
Republic Act No. 387 Otherwise known as Petroleum Act of 1949