Memorandum Circular No. MC2020-05-0001

Directing All Designated Establishments under Commercial, Industrial and Transport Sectors to Submit Energy Consumption Reports

Date Signed : 13 May 2020
Date Published: 27 May 2020
Published at: Business World and Daily Tribune

WHEREAS, Department of Energy (DOE) Memorandum Circular No. 93-03-05 directed th submission of energy consumption reports from all industrial, commercial and transport establishments consuming more than one million fuel equivalent liters of energy annually;

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Downloadable Materials:

a.   MC DE – General Instructions
b.   MC DE – EEC Form 1 CEM
c.   MC DE – EEC Form 2 CECO
d.   MC DE – EEC Form 3 – AECR v 2.0
e.   MC DE – EEC Form 4A – AEUR Commercial DEs
f.    MC DE – EEC Form 4B – AEUR Industrial DEs
g.   MC DE – EEC Form 4C – AEUR Transportation DEs
h.   MC DE - EEC Conversion Table to kWh
i.   FAQs on MC2020-05-0001
h.  Advisory as per DOE MC2020-05-0001
i.   Advisory on the Extension of Deadline for the Compliance of MC2020-05-0001
j.  Clarification for the Submission Under MC2020-05-0001 for the Compliance due 15 April 2022

You can also download the forms via EPMPD Google Drive at