Department Order

Department Order Description
Department Order No. 2012-03-0003 Reconstituting the Composition of the Third Level Personnel Selection Board in the Department Of Energy
Department Order No. DO2012-03-0002 Creating A Technical Working Group To Assist The Philippine Electricity Market Auditor Under The Philippine Electricity Market Corporation In The Conduct Of An Independent Review Of Metering Services Of The National Grid Corporation Of The Philippines
Department Order No. DO2012-01-0001 Information And Communications Technology (ICT) Acceptable Usage And Security Policy
Department Order No. DO2011-08-0009 Establishing and Publishing of Data on National Grid Emission Factor as Baseline Reference for Clean Development Mechanism - Energy Related Projects
Department Order No. DO2011-08-0008 Amending Department Order No. DO2005-03-002, (Personnel Development Guidelines), Series of 2005 dated 11 March 2005
Department Order No. DO2011-07-0005 Prioritization of Matters Requiring the Immediate Action of the Department of Energy
Department Order No. DO2011-06-0004 Reconstituting the Department Of Energy (DOE) Disposal Committee
Department Order No. DO2011-04-0003 Creating Management Negotiating Panel for the Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) with the Department of Energy-Employees Association (DOE-EA)
Department Order No. DO2011-02-0002 Creating the Contingency Committee for Energy Security
Department Order No. DO2011-01-0001 Reconstituting the Composition of the Personnel Selection Board for the Third Level Positions in the Department Of Energy