Department Order

Department Order Description
Department Order No. DO2013-03-0002 Wearing of Office Uniforms
Department Order No. DO2012-06-0013 Designating the Area of Cooperation of the Luzon Field Office
Department Order No. 2012-06-0012 National Inventory of Public Records
Department Order No. DO2012-06-0010 Creation of the Department Of Energy (DOE) Housing Committee
Department Order No. DO2012-06-0009 Creating the Technical Working Group to Integrate Retail Competition and Open Access to the WESM
Department Order No. DO2012-05-0008 Creating the Department of Energy - Committee on Decorum and Investigation of Sexual Harassment Cases (DOE-CODISH)
Department Order No. DO2012-04-0007 Revised Rules of Procedure in the Conduct of Personnel Disciplinary Investigation of the Department Of Energy
Department Order No. DO2012-03-0006 Reconstituting The Department Of Energy (DOE) Uniform Committee
Department Order No. DO2012-03-0005 Creating the Technical Working Group for the Formulation of Renewable Energy Safety, Health and Environment Rules and Regulations
Department Order No. DO2012-03-0004 Creating an Independent Committee to Review the Records of Oil Companies