Department Order No. DO2016-11-0014

Creation of an Inter-Agency Task Force for the Celebration of CY2016 National Energy Consciousness Month (NECM)

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 1427, s. 2008, declaring December of every year as National Energy Consciousness Month (NECM), 2016 NECM Inter-Agency Task Force is hereby created to undertake the necessary preparation to draw awareness and implement programs and activities for this nationwide celebration.

The NECM Inter-agency Task Force shall be composed of the following:

Chairperson                        :                        DOE Director

Vice-Chair                           :                        DOE Director

Members                             :                        DOE Bureau and Service Directors

                                                                     DOE-OSec Representative

                                                                     Representative of NEA Administrator

                                                                     Representative of NPC President

                                                                     Representative of PSALM President and CEO

                                                                     Representative of TRANSCO President

                                                                     Representative of PNOC President

                                                                     Representative of PNOC-EC President

                                                                     Representative of PNOC-RC President

Secretariat                        :                            DOE Director

Adviser                             :                           DOE Undersecretary

To ensure the success of this year's NECM celebration, all offices of the DOE and its attached agencies are hereby enjoined to extend assistance and provide the necessary resources in undertaking its mandated tasks and functions.

The Department Order shall take effect immediately and effective until December 31, 2016.

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