Department Order No. DO2016-10-0013

Creating the Nuclear Energy Program Implementing Organization (NEPIO)

WHEREAS, it is the declared policy of the State to ensure a continuous, adequate and economic supply of energy;

WHEREAS, the Department of Energy (DOE) is mandated to prepare, integrate, coordinate, supervise and control all plans, programs, projects and activities of the Government relative to energy exploration, development, utilization, distribution and conservation;

WHEREAS, in order to spur industrial development on a massive scale, it is imperative that the cost of electricity must be competitive with our neighboring countries;

WHEREAS,​ in pursuit of the mandates and policy objectives of the DOE, it is necessary to enhance the base load stability of the country's supply of electricity by exploring the development and inclusion of nuclear energy in the existing energy mix;

WHEREAS,​ in order to have a unified and coordinated efforts and activities relative to the conduct of various studies and research on nuclear energy development in the country, it is necessary to create in the DOE a Nuclear Energy Program Implementing Organization (NEPIO) consistent with the relevant policy guidelines of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

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