Department Order No. DO2016-03-0004

Wearing of Office Uniform

Pursuant to DBM Circular No. 2012-1 dated 23 February 2012 prescribing the rules and regulations on the grant of Uniform/Clothing Allowance, the following guidelines are hereby issued for implementation this FY 2016:

1. All employees of the Department of Energy shall follow the required office wear and color schemes below except during summer months when the employees can wear polo shirt or shirt without collars but still to maintain the same color schemes. The shirts/blouses will be matched by any dark pants/skirt:

Plain Colored Polo/Polo Shirt with Collar)
(Plain Colored Blouse with sleeves; preferably with Collar)

Red / Shades of Red

Red / Shades of Red

Tuesday Green / Shades of Green Green / Shades of Green
Wednesday Blue / Shades of Blue Blue / Shades of Blue
Thursday Beige to Light Brown Beige to Light Brown
Friday For both male / female employees, wearing of uniforms is not required.

Observance of the Dress Code prescribed in the DOE Memorandum dated 20 August 1997 and Civil Service Commission (CSC) Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 19, series of 2000, shall be strictly observed. Gauzy, transparent or net-like shirt or blouse; sando, strapless or spaghetti-strap; tank-tops, blouse with over-plunging necklines; micro-mini skirt, walking shorts, cycling shorts, leggings, tights and jogging pants are prohibited. The wearing of rubber sandals, rubber slippers, "bakya" is also not allowed.

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