Department Order No. DO2016-03-0003

Reconstitution of the Department of Energy (DOE) Disaster Risk Reduction and Control Management Group (DRRCMG)

Whereas, in every organization, emergency preparedness action is carried out within the context of disaster risk reduction and management and aims to build the capacities needed to efficiently manage all types of emergencies and achieve orderly transitions from response to sustained recovery.

Whereas, preparedness which is based on sound analysis of disaster risk, and good linkages with early warning systems, and includes such activities as contingency planning, stockpiling of equipment and supplies, the development of arrangements for coordination, evaluation and public information, and associated training and field exercise.

Whereas, the need and responsibilities in addressing all aspects of emergencies, in particular preparedness, response and initial recovery steps, thus must be supported by formal, institutional, legal and budgetary capacities.

Whereas, in order to prepare the readiness of the Department of Energy (DOE) officials and employees for unforeseen or sudden occurrence, especially danger, demanding immediate action, the Department of Energy Disaster Risk Reduction and Control Management Group (DOE-DRRCMG) is hereby reconstituted to be composed of the following:

Chairperson         :         Undersecretary for Administration
Vice-Chairpersons         :         Assistant Secretary for Administration
                    Director, Administrative Services (AS)
 Members         :         Bureau / Service Directors
Head       Assistant Secretary for Planning
Assistant Head       Asst. Director, Energy Resource Development Bureau (ERDB)
Members         :   Division Chiefs
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