Energy Investment Coordinating Council (EICC) Mandate

Under Section 5 of Executive Order No. 30, The EICC shalll exercise the following functions:

  1. Establish a simplified approval process and harmonize the relevant rules and regulations of all government agencies involved in obtaining permits and regulatory approvals, to expedite the development and implementation of EPNS and other energy projects.
  2. Prepare rules governing the resolution of inter-agency issues affecting the timely and efficient implementation of EPNS and other energy projects.
  3. Maintain a database of information and a web-based monitoring system which shall be the vehicle for information exchange on the updates on application of EPNS and other energy projects.
  4. Create inter-agency subcommittees as may be necessary to fulfill its mandate.
  5. Submit a quarterly progress report to the Office of the President.
  6. Perform such other functions as may be necessary or incidental to attain the objective of Executive Order No. 30.