Retail Pump Prices & Quality Service Dashboard 2022

As part of efforts to deliver the timely and accurate reporting of fuel prices, the Department of Energy (DOE) and Angkas have launched a collaborative program on the monitoring of retail pump prices at Liquid Fuels Retail Outlets (LFRO) or gasoline stations. The program will run from June 7, 2022 to November 16, 2022 covering the National Capital Region (NCR) and expanded to Metro Cebu. Using a platform accessible via mobile phones, authorized Angkas riders will be able to report fuel prices and assess the services and facilities of ROs. 

With the Retail Pump Prices & Quality Service Dashboard, a user can search the latest fuel prices, quality service rating and other information which may be useful for the consuming public.

About the Dashboard

The dashboard is an information management tool that visually tracks and displays metrics and key data points about the retail pump prices of petroleum products, and quality of service of gasoline stations. It is composed of the following visuals: 

  • Minimum Retail Pump Prices scorecard - displays the minimum prices of gasoline products.
  • Number of LFROs Audited scorecard - displays the number of gasoline stations that were audited based on the audit period or audit date.
  • Slicer Panel View / Base View - displays/hides a slicer panel that allows filtering of data according to Area (Metro Cebu or NCR), City/Municipality and Oil Company. Click the Slicer Panel View to display the filters. Click the Base View to hide it.
  • Audit Date slicer - specifies the dates or periods of auditing.
  • Prevailing Retail Pump Prices scorecard - displays the minimum and maximum prices of products.
  • Audit Details table - displays details of the auditing including prices of petroleum products. 0.00 means the product is not available in the station. The table also displays other facilities available in the station, and the rating given by riders, 16 being the highest rating.

How to use the Dashboard

When the dashboard is loaded, the data being displayed is based on the current week (you may choose other periods from the Audit Date slicer).

If you want to know the gas station with the cheapest price of diesel in Quezon City this week, for example, follow these steps.

  1. In the Audit Date slicer, make sure that 'This week' is indicated. The date period for the week is also displayed. 
  2. Click the Slicer Panel View, just to the left of the Audit Date slicer.
  3. On the slicer panel, filter through Area (NCR) and City / Municipality (Quezon City). You can also choose an oil company.  (If you want to select two or more City/Municipality or OilCompany, first, deselect 'Select All' then choose  one item, then press-hold Ctrl (if you are using a PC) or Command (if you are using a Mac) and choose another item/s.)
  4. Next, click the Base View to hide the slicer panel. From the 'Minimum Retail Pump Prices scorecard, you will see the cheapest or minimum price for diesel.
  5. To finally locate the gas station with the cheapest price of diesel, refer to the Audit Details table, click the small arrow button under the Diesel column to sort the prices. When the prices are sorted out from lowest to highest, you will see the business address of the station with the minimum or cheapest diesel price. Clicking on the particular business address will highlight other information about the station such as other facilities being offered, ID of the rider who audited the station, and the quality of service rating.

To reset the data, you may need unclick or deselect the previously clicked or selected items.

Please remember to refresh the page by pressing F5 on your keyboard or the reload/refresh button on your browser to get the latest data.

You may also access the Dashboard here.